Concepts - How Liveblocks works

Liveblocks is a real-time collaboration infrastructure for building performant collaborative experiences. The foundations of Liveblocks are built upon four core concepts: products, rooms, integrations, and platform.


Liveblocks is a fully integrated solution built around core products, each enabling a different facet of collaborative experiences: Presence, Broadcast, Document, and Comments. You can decide what products you want to use based on your requirements and collaborative experiences you’re looking to build.

How Liveblocks works - Products


A room is the digital space in which people collaborate. You can require your users to be authenticated to interact with rooms, and each room can have specific permissions and metadata associated with them.

How Liveblocks works - Rooms


Integrations for specific libraries and frameworks to add Liveblocks-powered collaborative experiences to your product: JavaScript, React, Redux, Zustand, and Yjs. Integrations are designed to serve various collaboration use cases such as text editors, comments, creative tools, forms, and more.

How Liveblocks works - Integrations


Liveblocks provides a fully-hosted platform built around a WebSocket infrastructure that scales effortlessly to millions of users. The platform equips you with a set of powerful tools such as our REST API, webhooks, schema validation, analytics, and more.

How Liveblocks works - platform