ConceptsWhy Liveblocks

At Liveblocks, we firmly believe that flexible office policies are here to stay, and that as a result, all SaaS products will eventually need realtime collaboration. Every project we undertake at Liveblocks stems from this belief, and the belief that we can empower people to work better together, and feel more closely connected with one another.

Why collaboration

In 2006, following years of development, Google launched their browser-based realtime collaborative Microsoft Word competitor. This approach transformed the way people work together enabling them to collaborate efficiently in realtime but also asynchronously via comments—no more disjointed email threads with files being passed around. As Google were gaining market shares, Microsoft were forced to build similar collaboration features directly into Microsoft Word and the broader Microsoft Office ecosystem in order to compete.

Why Liveblocks - Google

Around a decade later, Figma flipped the whole software design industry on its head with their browser-based tool for multiplayer design, and subsequently left leading companies behind. Few designers believed a quality design tool could be built into the browser, and no designers wanted to have their peers and managers looking over their shoulders while designing. Yet, the Figma team proved everybody wrong and a majority of designers started to use their product. And because Figma was built with collaboration at its core, engineers, product managers, executives, marketers, and copywriters quickly followed.

Why Liveblocks - Figma

Those companies had the technical expertise, along with millions of dollars, to pull this off. A handful of forward-looking companies were also able to build incredible collaborative products and became leaders in their respective markets: Notion, Pitch, Canva, Miro, Mural, Linear, to mention a few. While more and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of collaboration, only the ones that have gone through this process truly understand how painful and expensive it is to build and maintain.

Why Liveblocks - Figma

Why choose Liveblocks

Liveblocks is a realtime collaboration infrastructure for building performant collaborative experiences. We focus on the following five core pillars to enable companies to build awesome collaborative experiences in a matter of days, not months:

  • A complete modular collaboration toolkit
  • Deep integrations with your stack
  • Pre-built components and examples
  • Developer-centric tooling
  • Fully-hosted solution

A complete modular collaboration toolkit

Liveblocks is a complete modular toolkit for embedding collaborative experiences into your product, enabling you to pick and choose the parts you need depending on the type of collaborative experience you’re trying to build and its requirements.

Deep integrations with your stack

Liveblocks integrates deeply with popular frontend frameworks and libraries, making it easy to embed real‑time collaborative experiences into any product quickly.

Pre-built components and examples

Liveblocks provides you with powerful open‑source examples and components that can be used modularly, enabling you to move fast while focusing on your core product.

Developer-centric tooling

Liveblocks accelerates your productivity with a great developer experience throughout, including DevTools, and analytics to understand how your users are using your product’s collaborative features.

Fully-hosted solution

No more monitoring WebSocket servers, worrying about scale and maintenance of legacy systems. Liveblocks is fully hosted so you can focus on your core product.