Platform - Limits

General limits

Monthly active users included100200Custom
Monthly active users limit10025,000Unlimited
Projects limitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Average connections per MAUUp to 100Up to 500Custom
Maximum storage size per roomUp to 5 MBUp to 20 MBCustom
Simultaneous connections per roomUp to 20Up to 50Custom
Team members per account110Custom

Monthly active users

Learn more about how monthly active users are calculated for each plan on our plans page.

Simultaneous connections per room

Learn more about handling simultaneous room connection limits in our guide about joining rooms at maximum capacity.

Other limits

roomId limit

A roomId cannot exceed 128 characters.

userId limit

A userId cannot exceed 128 characters.

userInfo limit

userInfo sent from the authentication endpoint cannot exceed 1024 characters once serialized to JSON.

Broadcast event limit

Broadcast event messages have a limit of 1 MB.

Storage limits

  • A LiveObject cannot exceed 128 kB when totalling the size of the keys and values.
  • A LiveMap can be any size, so long as each individual value does not exceed 128kB.
  • A LiveList can be any size, so long as each individual value does not exceed 128kB.

Note that when one real-time data structure is nested inside another, it does not count towards the limit. Only the JSON leaves of your data structure count towards the limit. For example, if a LiveList is nested inside a LiveObject, the LiveList and its contents do not count towards the LiveObject’s data limit.