Platform - Projects

To use Liveblocks, you need to create a project, a place to group your collaborative rooms. Learn how to set up and configure projects in this guide.

Creating a project

You can create a new project from the Liveblocks dashboard by clicking on the Create project… button.

Start creating a project from the Liveblocks dashboard

A project’s environment can either be set to Development or Production, helping you map projects to your deployment model. This setting cannot be changed later.

Creating a project from the Liveblocks dashboard

We recommend setting up a new project for each different environment your collaborative application uses.

Managing a project

Each Liveblocks project has a separate dashboard to monitor usage, configure settings, manage API keys, and more.

Project overview

The Overview tab displays an overview of your project usage, providing information on active rooms, users, and connections.

Liveblocks project overview

Project rooms

The Rooms tab provides a list of all the existing rooms for your project.

Liveblocks project rooms

You can learn more about any given by room by clicking on it. On the room detail view, you’re able to view the stored document’s data, and common actions you can take on that such as attaching a schema or deleting the document’s data altogether.

Liveblocks project rooms detail

Project API keys

The API keys tab enables you to manage, view, and roll your public and secret API keys.

Liveblocks project API keys

Project schemas

The Schemas tab enables you to manage your document’s schemas. Schemas can be attached to any room’s Storage document to validate incoming changes and ensure data integrity and facilitate future potential data migrations for your application. See our schema validation docs to learn more.

Project webhooks

The Webhooks tab enables you to configure your webhook endpoints allowing you to respond to Liveblocks events, such as a user entering a room, or storage being updated. See our webhooks docs to learn more.

Project settings

The Settings tab enables you to rename and delete your project.