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Unlock collaboration in your product

Ship features like Comments, Notifications, a Text Editor, or build any collaborative experience with Realtime APIs in days, not months. Engage users, fuel creativity, and drive growth. Finally.

Companies of all sizes and industries use Liveblocks in production

Many SaaS companies struggle to grow their user base, and maintain engagement. This is because their products aren’t designed for how people work today. Teams seek collaboration in their daily work, but instead find themselves emailing files, sharing links in Slack, and juggling multiple tools… Work is fragmented, disconnected, and hinders productivity.

There’s a reason why fast-growing companies like Figma, Linear, and Notion are thriving. Their secret? They’ve perfected collaboration with realtime comments, intelligent notifications, and multiplayer editing. And if it’s good for people, it’s good for business.

However, building such experiences is no small feat. Even seemingly simple features like commenting can extend into months‑long battles for quality. Throw notifications into the mix, along with scaling & maintaining your infrastructure, and you’re looking at months of serious effort. Not to mention realtime functionality, which can be mind-bendingly complex. It starts to feel like an impossible task.

Liveblocks makes it possible.



Enable feedback in your product.


Allow users to mention collaborators for seamless feedback.

Bring AI in the conversation

Get feedback from both humans and AI agents, whatever works best for you.

Fully integrated with Notifications and Text Editor

Endlessly customizable

Add a perfectly on-brand commenting system to any part of your product.



The notification system designed for collaboration.

Optimized for collaboration

Crafted to match UX patterns world‑class companies spent years optimizing.

Custom notifications

Feed your own custom notifications into the Liveblocks notification system.

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Fully integrated with Comments and Text Editor

Intelligent notifications

Email notifications are automatically grouped together to avoid spamming people.

Inline mention
Stacy reads items
New comment
View comment
Text editor

Text Editor

All the collaborative features embedded in your editor.

All the table stakes features

Add collaborative features like mentions, comments, notifications, and AI in minutes.

Fully integrated with Comments and Notifications

Use your favorite editor

Dedicated packages to integrate with popular text editor frameworks.

AI suggestions

Allow users to create, edit, and enrich content with AI.

Realtime APIs

Realtime APIs

Build any realtime collaborative experience.

User A
Drag the shapes
User B
Drag the shapes

Infinitely flexible

Build any collaborative experience with the Liveblocks realtime APIs.

Live presence

Make people feel like they’re collaborating together in the same room.

Designed for developers.

Every API is carefully crafted to provide the best developer experience. Save heartache and ship faster. Let us handle the maintenance.

Pre-built components

Leverage React components like <Thread />, <InboxNotification />, and more.


Browser extension to inspect Liveblocks apps.

Starter Kit

Kickstart your Next.js collaborative application.

Open-source examples

Browse our gallery of collaborative experiences.

Open-source examples gallery

The all‑in‑one collaboration platform.

Liveblocks is the world’s most advanced platform for building, hosting, and scaling collaborative products that work the way they should.

Collaboration infrastructure

WebSocket edge infrastructure and reliable connection engine.

Zero configuration

Scale to millions. No complex configuration required.

Effortless scaling

Built to handle any traffic on your collaborative experiences.

No maintenance required

Spend time building, not maintaining infrastructure.

Rock‑solid security

Access management, 99.9% Uptime SLA, SOC 2, and more.

Monitoring dashboard

Monitor, analyze, and manage the collaborative experiences in your product.

Liveblocks has enabled us to test and validate collaborative use‑cases without needing to invest several months of dev time into a solution that might work. It helps us de-risk our roadmap meaningfully, especially for a small team.

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Founded 2011

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