Our storyWe’re a passionate group of people working from all over the world to build the future of collaboration.

The Liveblocks team in Agadir, Morocco
  • 2021Founded

  • 100%Remote

  • $6.4MRaised

Liveblocks first launched in 2021, but our story started a couple of years earlier when Guillaume Salles and Steven Fabre met and started working closely together on real‑time creative tools.

They first connected when they were both working on the design tools team at InVision: Guillaume as an engineer and Steven as a product designer. They bonded at an in-person team event in San Francisco over being the only two French people in the company, and also their shared passion for making creative tools.

They eventually decided to leave their jobs to focus their efforts full-time on building a Google Slides competitor. The first several months were difficult. Guillaume was working from Montreal and Steven was working from New York, and they struggled to find a solution that would enable them to build a tool with the multiplayer functionality that was so critical. The tools they did manage to find had myriad problems. They didn’t integrate easily into their infrastructure, made it difficult to build a version history panel and multiplayer undo/redo, were optimized for text collaboration rather than layer-based creative tools and required them to cobble multiple services together in order to have something work end-to-end.

Eventually they decided to create their own. Along the way, they realized that if they were having this problem, other companies must be as well. And so they decided to drop the presentation tool, and focus on turning the powerful backend they’d built into a set of APIs that any team could use to build real‑time collaborative products.

And that’s how Liveblocks was born.

Our values

Our values are the catalyst for all of our endeavors

Empower community

We actively support community success through trust and collaboration.

Revel in your craft

We are passionate and take great satisfaction in doing work we’re proud of.

Stay pragmatic

We choose the simple and efficient solutions to complex problems.

Take ownership

We take initiative and speak up to be the change we seek.

Our team

It’s all about the people

We’re always looking for amazing people to join us. If you’re interested in building the future of collaboration with us, check out our available positions below.

  • Picture of Adrien Gaudon, Head of Growth and Community at Liveblocks

    Adrien Gaudon

    Head of Growth and Community

  • Picture of Alicia Henríquez, Head of People at Liveblocks

    Alicia Henríquez

    Head of People

  • Picture of Chris Nicholas, Developer Relations Engineer at Liveblocks

    Chris Nicholas

    Developer Relations Engineer

  • Picture of Florent Lefebvre, Software Engineer at Liveblocks

    Florent Lefebvre

    Software Engineer

  • Picture of Guillaume Salles, Co-founder & CTO at Liveblocks

    Guillaume Salles

    Co-founder & CTO

  • Picture of Jonathan Rowny, Software Engineer at Liveblocks

    Jonathan Rowny

    Software Engineer

  • Picture of Marc Bouchenoire, Design Engineer at Liveblocks

    Marc Bouchenoire

    Design Engineer

  • Picture of Nimesh Nayaju, Software Engineer at Liveblocks

    Nimesh Nayaju

    Software Engineer

  • Picture of Olivier Foucherot, Software Engineer at Liveblocks

    Olivier Foucherot

    Software Engineer

  • Picture of Pierre Le Vaillant, Design Engineer at Liveblocks

    Pierre Le Vaillant

    Design Engineer

  • Picture of Steven Fabre, Co-founder & CEO at Liveblocks

    Steven Fabre

    Co-founder & CEO

  • Picture of Taylor Whipp, Developer Relations Engineer at Liveblocks

    Taylor Whipp

    Developer Relations Engineer

  • Picture of Vincent Driessen, Software Engineer at Liveblocks

    Vincent Driessen

    Software Engineer