AboutMaking digital experiences collaborative

Our mission is to educate and empower companies to create amazing real‑time collaborative products, so that people using those products can feel more connected and work better together.

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Liveblocks is a remote-first software company that makes tools to help businesses create amazing real‑time collaborative experiences for their customers.

We launched in 2021, but our story started a couple of years earlier when met and started working closely together on real‑time creative tools.

Eventually, we explored the idea of making an online collaborative video presentation software. But instead of focusing on the core mechanics of the tool, we realised pretty quickly that we were spending a majority of our time figuring out how to handle real‑time collaboration.

A lot of questions had to be answered. What should happen when there are many people concurrently editing the same piece of data? Should all data even be handled the same way? What about people on slow connections? The list goes on.

We tried existing solutions, but none really stacked up for what we were trying to do. That’s when we decided to build our own.

Liveblocks was born.


  • Guillaume Salles


  • Steven Fabre



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