Add presence to your product to make people feel as if they were together in the same room.

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Lightning fast

Presence data is synced between users in less than 100ms once the initial connection is made.

Implement in minutes

Get something working in minutes with our open source examples and framework-specific packages.


Liveblocks facilitates the connection between users. No presence data is stored on our servers.


Our servers and codebase are built and tested to scale to millions of connections.

// Share your presence as easily as using a useState
const [{ cursor }, updateMyPresence] = useMyPresence();
updateMyPresence({ cursor: { x: 42, y: 51 });
// Get others people presence (cursors,
// avatar, name, etc) with a single line of code
const others = useOthers();

Designed for developers

Powerful, yet easy-to-use APIs and libraries

We care deeply about finding the right abstractions for our APIs so that you can add collaborative features to your product in minutes.

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Powerful monitoring

A beautiful dashboard to monitor presence usage

Whether you’re on the go or at your desk, you can monitor and see how many people are currently collaborating in your product.

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