Collaborative whiteboard
Brainstorm ideas, together.

Increase creativity and innovation by visualizing ideas during brainstorming sessions. They provide a streamlined process for decision-making.

Collaborative whiteboard

Companies of all sizes and industries use Liveblocks to power collaboration on their interactive whiteboard.

Grow your product

Make your users love working together

Enable people to be more efficient in your product by sharing ideas and seamlessly working on tasks together.

  • Presence

    Add presence features to your product to make people feel like they’re together in the same room.

  • Broadcast

    Use broadcast events to notify in real‑time other connected clients to the room.

  • Conflict‑free data types

    Use conflict‑free data types to enable people to edit the same document in real‑time.

  • CommentsBeta

    Embed a customizable commenting experience into your product to enable people to collaborate.

  • Document browsing

    Add a real‑time document browsing experience to your product workspace.

  • Permissions management

    Build world‑class invitation flows with custom permissions to incentivize people to collaborate.

A super underrated and unexpected victory with Liveblocks is not maintaining infrastructure. We can just focus on the front end and have the collaboration infrastructure handled by Liveblocks.
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Jye LewisEngineering Manager at Propeller Aero

Opensource examples

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