Build, host, and scale your collaborative product

Liveblocks is the world’s most advanced infrastructure to build, host, and scale real‑time collaborative products.

  • WebSocket infrastructure

    Out-of-the-box edge network and reliable connection engine.

  • Zero configuration

    Host and scale to millions. No complex configuration required.

  • Effortless scaling

    Built to handle any traffic on your collaborative experiences.

  • No maintenance required

    Spend your time building, not maintaining infrastructure.

WebSocket edge network

Blazing fast and effortlessly scalable

Collaborative rooms live in edge regions close to your users, reducing latency, and enabling you to scale horizontally.

WebSocket connection engine
WebSocket connection engine

Bullet-proof WebSocket connections

Liveblocks handles network interruptions and WebSocket connection edge-cases, so you don’t have to.


Listen to Liveblocks webhook events

Integrate Liveblocks with your own system. Notify mentioned people or synchrionize data, the possibilities are endless.


Interact with your Liveblocks account and services

Interact programmatically with your Liveblocks account and services using HTTP requests.

Start making your product collaborative with the Liveblocks toolkit today