Collaborative creative tool
Create anything, together.

Streamline the creative process by enabling people to collaborate in realtime. This eliminates the need for bulky file transfers by making links the source‑of‑truth.

Collaborative creative tool
Companies of all sizes and industries use Liveblocks to power collaboration on their creative tools.
Grow your product

Make your users love working together

Enable people to be more efficient in your product by sharing ideas and seamlessly working on tasks together.



Enable feedback in your product.



The notification system designed for collaboration.

Text editor

Text Editor Beta

All the collaborative features embedded in your editor.

Realtime APIs

Realtime APIs

Build any realtime collaborative experience.

When we discovered Liveblocks, it was as if someone answered all of our questions and gave us exactly what we were looking for. Everything became much easier. We were able to free ourselves to focus on what mattered to us: make image generation exciting through AI and machine learning.

Kyle SchaefferKyle Schaeffer, Engineering Manager at

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