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Meet Emmanuel: Developer Relations Engineer at Liveblocks

Emmanuel has been a developer for more than ten years and has worked on many projects. His position at Liveblocks allows him to mix the two things he loves the most when talking about work: software development and content creation.

January 6th, 2022
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Emmanuel Ernest
Meet Emmanuel: Developer Relations Engineer at Liveblocks

Introduce yourself

Hi, my name is Emmanuel, and I’m a Developer Relations Engineer at Liveblocks. I have been a developer for more than ten years and have worked on many projects.

Two years ago, I created a French YouTube channel to document my journey as a developer. I enjoyed helping other developers to level up their careers.

This position at Liveblocks allows me to mix the two things I love the most when talking about work: software development and content creation.

Why did you join Liveblocks?

The technology we are developing can disrupt the way people work. Real-time collaborative experiences are the future of application development.

Working on a task collaborating with your colleagues without worrying about data loss or consistency will be a significant advancement.

This kind of user experience already exists, but it is limited to a tiny portion of the tech ecosystem like Google Docs, Figma, and a few others.

Our mission is to make these features available to every developer with minimum changes to their codebase.

A great product needs a great marketing strategy. I joined Liveblocks because I firmly believe that content marketing is one of the keys to success for SaaS software companies.

My mission at Liveblocks is to create content that educates people on using our APIs and be the missing link between the developer community and Liveblocks.

What do you like about working at Liveblocks?

As of today, Liveblocks is a small but fast-growing company. I feel that I can profoundly impact the company’s evolution. Everything I do is about helping our customers. Being able to talk directly to our users is something that I’ve always missed in my previous jobs.

At Liveblocks, ownership is part of our core values. I can test an idea then keep it based on metrics and outcomes. You don’t have to convince multiple layers of hierarchy to try something. This kind of flat organization allows us to move fast.

We are a remote company working with people all over the world. Our communication is primarily asynchronous, and you will not be disturbed every minute with phone calls. I like that I can organize my daily work the way I want.

As a non-native English person, working in an international environment is challenging and rewarding. Choosing the correct language is one of the most significant hurdles when creating content. As we work with developers worldwide, English was a no-brainer. Producing English content at scale is one of my biggest personal challenges.

Why do you think the world needs Liveblocks?

I think it is time to create new ways to work. Many people in the industry switched to remote work due to the health crisis.

Everyone adopted video calls as their primary way of active communication. A video call is real‑time and interactive, not a walkie-talkie. You don’t have to wait for your colleague to release a button or validate a sentence. With this kind of interaction in mind, it feels weird that web applications did not evolve more connected.

Using collaborative real‑time experiences, we can empower people to be more productive. Liveblocks is easy to integrate into your existing infrastructure.

We are on a mission to solve complex problems, so you don’t have to.

Anything else you want to share? (what do you do in your spare time, any talents, etc)

I like to do many sports activities during my spare time: volleyball and artistic gymnastics.

Illustration of an avatar stack

I am also an FPV drone pilot, and I’ve built several drones myself. It implies some electronic fundamentals and a lot of soldering. They can fly fast, really fast: up to a hundred miles per hour.

That’s really fun!


We still have a lot of work to do ahead of us, and we’re constantly looking for talented developers to join us. If you are interested, you can see our open positions here.