• Add support for custom notification kinds.
  • Add new useInboxNotificationThread hook to createLiveblocksContext, which can be used to retrieve threads within thread notifications for more flexibility.
  • Add support for startsWith operator to useThreads when filtering based on metadata.


  • Add support for custom notification kinds to the InboxNotification component via the kinds prop and the InboxNotification.Custom component.
  • Add destructive color tokens. (--lb-destructive, --lb-destructive-foreground, and --lb-destructive-contrast)


  • Add triggerInboxNotification method that lets you trigger custom notification kinds.
  • Enable filtering rooms by room ID in the getRooms method. This works via query.roomId, metadata is deprecated and is now query.metadata.
  • Add support for our query language when filtering with the getRooms and getThreads methods.
  • Add support for an alternative object-based query notation to the getRooms and getThreads methods, which supports exact matches and the startsWith operator.