Week 20

Week 20


  • Liveblocks events are now visible in the dashboard.
    • New "Events" tab within a project.
    • Filter room events by type (e.g. userEntered, userLeft), exact roomId, and exact userId.
    • Select a date range (with available presets).
    • Click on an event to open the event details modal.
    • Navigate between events using the previous/next buttons without leaving the modal.
  • On the room's detail page, click "View room events" at the top right to access the room events.
  • Added a new date picker to the "Overview" and "Events" pages.
  • Improved onboarding.
    • Making sure the default team name isn't too long and can be submitted.
    • Improved form submission performance by only calling the required API endpoints.


  • Fixed broken link in one onboarding email.
  • Internal refactorings to enable simpler setup for @liveblocks/react in the future.


Contributors include:pierrelevaillantofoucherotstevenfabrenvie

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