Week 27

Week 27


We are making resolved a first-class citizen property on threads, for more information about this change please read our Upgrade Guide for 2.2.


  • Add useMarkThreadAsResolved and useMarkThreadAsUnresolved hooks.
  • Support query.resolved when filtering threads.
  • The useStorageStatus hook now also has a { smooth: true } setting to make building calm UIs with it a bit easier.
  • The useClient() hook is now also available for users of createRoomContext() and/or createLiveblocksContext().
  • Fix: avoid unnecessary re-renders if inbox notifications haven't changed.


  • Use first-class citizen resolved property in Thread component.
  • Preserve rich text when pasting into the composer.
  • Add support for custom links to the composer. (either by pasting URLs with plain text selected or by pasting existing links)
  • Preserve whitespace and empty lines in comments.
  • Mark threads as read when visible (like before), but only if the window is focused.
  • Fix improper useTransition fallback which would break on React versions lower than 18.


  • Add markThreadAsResolved and markThreadAsUnresolved methods.
  • Add ThreadMarkedAsResolvedEvent and ThreadMarkedAsUnresolvedEvent webhook events.
  • Support query.resolved when querying threads.


  • Upgrade lexical peer dependency to version ^0.16.1 that fixes compatibility issues with Next.js versions 14.2.0 and above.


  • Upgrade lexical peer dependency to version 0.16.1.




Contributors include:flowflorentofoucherotnviemarcbouchenoirenimeshnayajuctnicholasTeddarificstevenfabre

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