Fixing Next.js server component errors

Fixing the warning: "Only plain objects can be passed to Client Components from Server Components"

This error occurs when you create a Liveblocks data structure (LiveObject, LiveList, or LiveMap) within a server component. This is often occurs when creating a room with RoomProvider, for example:

import { ReactNode } from "react";import { RoomProvider } from "../liveblocks.config";import { LiveObject } from "@liveblocks/client";
export default function Layout({ children }: { children: ReactNode }) { return ( <html lang="en"> <body> <RoomProvider id="my-room-name" initialStorage={{ // ❌ This line causes the error session: new LiveObject(), }} > {children} </RoomProvider> </body> </html> );}

This can be fixed by turning the file into a client file with "use client"; at the top of the file. However, if your need a server component, you can extract the provider to a different file.

Structuring your app

To take this further, and to learn how to structure your Next.js app in the best possible way, make sure to read our How to use Liveblocks with Next.js /app directory guide.