Guides - Limits

A connection is when a user initially connects to a Liveblocks room. If a user connects to your product on two different browsers and their phone, that would be three connections.

Connections per month

This limit can be hit when too many connections are established during the monthly billing period:

  • Starter plan: 5,000 connections per month.
  • Pro plan: 10,000 connections per month included + $0.01 per extra connection
  • Organization plan: custom connections per month

When this limit is reached, your account will still work and you won’t be charged on an occasional traffic spike. We’ll email you to kindly ask you upgrade your plan if you keep hitting that limit. You will never be charged extra for an occasional traffic spike. We will never stop counting your stats because of an occasional traffic spike. There are no surprise fees and your card will never be charged unexpectedly.

Simultaneous connections per room

This limit can be hit when too many simultaneous connections are established on a single room:

  • Starter plan: 10 simultaneous connections per room
  • Pro plan: 20 simultaneous connections per room
  • Organization plan: custom simultaneous connections per room

When this limit is reached, the server declines the connection and the Liveblocks client raises the error with the code “4005”.

Room id

A room id cannot exceed 128 characters.

User id

A user id cannot exceed 128 characters.

User information

User information sent from the authentication endpoint cannot exceed 1024 characters once serialized to JSON.


The value of a LiveObject, LiveList, and LiveMap storage item cannot exceed 128 kB. This limit can be increased on the Organization plan.