Guides - Limits

General limits

MAUs included100200 to 25,0002,000 to 250,000Custom
Average connections per MAUUp to 100Up to 500Up to 1,000Custom
Maximum storage size per roomUp to 1 MBUp to 5 MBUp to 10 MBCustom
Simultaneous connections per roomUp to 10Up to 20Up to 30Custom
Team members per account1UnlimitedUnlimitedCustom

Other limits

Room id

A room id cannot exceed 128 characters.

User id

A user id cannot exceed 128 characters.

User information

User information sent from the authentication endpoint cannot exceed 1024 characters once serialized to JSON.


The value of a LiveObject, LiveList, and LiveMap storage item cannot exceed 128 kB. This limit can be increased on the Enterprise plan.

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