Limits - Fair Use Policy

All Liveblocks subscription plans are subject to this Fair Use Policy.

Usage guidelines

We have established guidelines for our community’s usage of our plans. Most users should fall within the specified ranges, however, if usage is excessive, we will notify you and work to address the issue. Our aim is to be accommodating while maintaining the stability of our infrastructure.

Typical usage guidelines

Monthly collaborative users included100250Custom
Monthly collaborative users limit10010,000Unlimited
Monthly active users limit5,000UnlimitedUnlimited
Projects limitUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Average connections per MAUUp to 100Up to 500Custom
Maximum storage size per roomUp to 5 MBUp to 20 MBCustom
Simultaneous connections per roomUp to 20Up to 50Custom
Team members per account110Custom

To learn more about how monthly active users are calculated for each plan, take a look at the plans docs.

Other guidelines

The userId must be used to represent a single user.

Commercial usage

Starter accounts are restricted to non-commercial use only. All commercial usage of the platform requires either a Pro or Enterprise plan.

Commercial usage refers to any usage of the Liveblocks platform in projects where financial gain is being sought by any party involved in the production, including paid employees or consultants.

General limits

Take a look at our limits guide to learn more about the limits we apply to all accounts.

Learn more

For further information regarding this policy and acceptable use of our Services, please refer to our Terms of Service or your Enterprise Service Agreement.