Starter Kit

Kickstart your Next.js collaborative app

npx create-liveblocks-app@latest --next

Stop wasting weeks rebuilding table-stakes collaborative features

The starter kit is fully customizable and comes with everything your users need to collaborate so you can focus on your core product.

  • Collaborative whiteboard

    Start building from our example collaborative whiteboard to help you get started.

  • Collaborative text editor

    Start building from our example collaborative text editor editor to help you get started.

  • Real-time updates

    Every changes that happen get automatically updated throughout the app in real-time.

  • Private drafts

    Documents people create cannot be seen by anyone else unless they’ve been shared with others.

  • Share documents

    Users can invite people and groups to view or edit their documents through a share dialog.

  • Browse documents

    The file listing experience enables users to browse and organise files with other team members.

  • Comments

    Enable people to comment, react, and mention others to facilitate collaboration and feedback.

  • Notifications

    Users receive inbox notifications when threads update, or when mentioned by others.

The best tools of the TypeScript ecosystem

The starter kit embeds all the Liveblocks collaborative features with all the best tools the TypeScript ecosystem has to offer.

Designed for developers

Powerful, modular, and easy‑to‑use APIs

We carefully consider the most appropriate abstractions to ensure your team doesn’t spend months integrating collaborative features.

import { getDocument } from "@/lib/actions";
const { data, error } = await getDocument({ documentId: "my-document-id",});

Start making your product collaborative with the Liveblocks toolkit today