Build amazing real‑time collaborative products

Liveblocks is a set of APIs and tools that helps you create performant and reliable multiplayer experiences in minutes.

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Illustration of presence

Add presence to your product

Liveblocks is the easiest way to a live avatar stack and presence to your product.

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Illustration of collaborative forms

Make your online forms multiplayer

Liveblocks makes it easy to turn any online form into a multiplayer collaborative experience.

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Illustration of a multiplayer creative tool

Build a performant multiplayer creative tool

Liveblocks provides the tools and APIs required to build a performant multiplayer creative tool.

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// Share your presence as easily as using a useState
const [{ cursor }, updateMyPresence] = useMyPresence();
updateMyPresence({ cursor: { x: 0, y: 0 });
// Get others people presence (cursors,
// avatar, name, etc) with a single line of code
const others = useOthers();


With just a few lines of code, your users are all together collaborating in the same room.

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The next generation of SaaS products are all going to be real‑time collaborative. But building one is way too hard and takes a long time to get right. Liveblocks makes it so much simpler and faster it’s unreal!

Image of GraphCDN
Image of Max Stoiber

Max StoiberFounder at GraphCDN

Liveblocks enabled us to add real‑time presence to our application in hours instead of weeks and we don’t have to worry about maintenance. This is a no‑brainer for anyone building collaborative experiences.

Image of Clover
Image of Tom Giannattasio

Tom GiannattasioCo-founder and CEO at Clover

Adding real‑time cursors to my website with just a few lines of code was magic, and just plain fun. It was so easy and fast to set up. Liveblocks makes building real‑time experiences accessible to every developer.

Image of Github
Image of Brian Lovin

Brian LovinProduct Designer at Github

Illustration of Liveblocks Multiplayer Edge Servers

Lightning fast

Our multiplayer WebSocket servers live on the edge to enable true real‑time collaboration.

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Why Liveblocks?

Real‑time collaboration infrastructure as a service

Focus on your core product

Building a custom scalable and reliable collaborative infrastructure takes time. Spend it on your core user experience instead.

Optimized for collaboration

Liveblocks is built for collaboration. Everything from message size to data throttling is optimized to be lightning fast and perfectly in sync.

Implement in minutes

Our APIs are carefully crafted for ease-of-use so that you integrate real‑time collaboration in minutes, not months.

No maintenance costs

No need to maintain and scale your own collaboration servers. Our systems are meticulously built and tested to scale as you grow.