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What’s new in Liveblocks: May edition

We’ve made a number of changes to our website, providing you with insight into our updates, your users, and your usage. We’ve also improved our onboarding and documentation.

What’s new in Liveblocks: May edition

This May, we made a number of changes to our website and documenation:


We’ve introduced a new Changelog section to our website, where we’ll be posting detailed weekly updates on everything we’ve shipped in the past week.

New changelog

We’ve already posted three weeks of changes, and we’ll sum up each month’s changelogs in a blog post, like this one.


Events are now visible in the dashboard, giving you detailed information on your users, for example when they connect, and where they are. A number of filters are available, such as date range, event type, user ID, and more.

A demo of the new Events page.

To find your events, open the dashboard, select a project, and click “Events” in the navigation menu.

Better analytics

We’ve added new analytics to the project overview page, giving better insights into active users and rooms, along with information on your product usage.

New analytics on the dashboard index page

To the find the new analytics, open the dashboard and select a project.

New onboarding

We’ve created a new onboarding flow for new users, to help get everyone started more quickly.

New analytics on the dashboard index page

As part of this improvement, we’ve also incorporated our quickstart section into the dashboard, meaning you can get started without leaving your project.

Quickstart section in the dashboard.

See confetti as soon as the project detects an initial WebSocket connection!

Improved API reference

We’ve completely rewritten the @liveblocks/client API reference page, filling it with a wealth of knowledge. We’ve also created new components for detailing arguments, and more, adding lots more information.

New API reference

You might not know

Here’s some interesting @liveblocks/client features you may not be aware of:

More information

This post is a summary of May’s changes, make sure to read our Changelog to learn about every change we’ve made, no matter how minor.


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