Collaborative documents

Conflict‑free data types

Use conflict‑free data types to enable people to edit the same document in real‑time.

Persisted document data

Data types for concurrent editing

Data types to enable your users to edit documents real‑time. Liveblocks automatically resolves the conflicts.

  • LiveList

    The LiveList data type represents an ordered collection of items that is synchronized across clients.

  • LiveObject

    The LiveObject data type is similar to a JavaScript Object that is synchronized across clients.

  • LiveMap

    The LiveMap data type is similar to a JavaScript Map that is synchronized across clients.

  • LiveTextSoon

    The LiveText data type enables multiple people to edit a string of text concurrently.

History API

Add undo/redo to your collaborative experience

Integrate the Liveblocks history APIs to enable undo/redo functionality in your collaborative editor with ease.


Offline support

Optimistic local‑first reads and writes

Let your users work on flaky connections. Their changes get automatically synced when they go back online.

Designed for developers

Synchronize your application state between users

Liveblocks integrates directly with popular frameworks and state‑management libraries, making it easy to enable anyone to edit and view the same data in real‑time.

User A
Change the text
User B
Change the text
import { LiveObject } from "@liveblocks/client";import { useStorage, useMutation } from "./liveblocks.config";
// Pass these to RoomProviderconst initialStorage = { scientist: new LiveObject({ firstName: "Ada", lastName: "Lovelace", }),};
export default function Form() { const scientist = useStorage(root => root.scientist); // => { firstName: "Ada", lastName: "Lovelace" }
const update = useMutation(({ storage }, field, value) => { storage.get('scientist').set(field, value); }, []);
return ( <> <input value={scientist.firstName} onChange={(e) => { update("firstName", } /> <input value={scientist.lastName} onChange={(e) => { update("lastName", } /> </> );}

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