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Updating presence

On the previous page we learned to set up presence with an initial value of { cursor: null }—let’s learn how to update presence by taking this and turning it into real-time cursors.


To get cursor location we can use browser PointerEvents. Switch to Room.tsx and add a function for onPointerMove that gets your cursor location using clientX/clientY and updates your current presence with the value.

Modify the code in /Room.tsx
// Update cursor coordinates on pointer movefunction handlePointerMove(e) {  const cursor = { x: Math.floor(e.clientX), y: Math.floor(e.clientY) };  updateMyPresence({ cursor });}

Next, create a function for onPointerLeave that sets the cursor value to null.

Modify the code in /Room.tsx
// Set cursor to null on pointer leavefunction handlePointerLeave(e) {  updateMyPresence({ cursor: null });}

And finally, make sure that our div element spans the screen, add the two events.

Modify the code in /Room.tsx
return (  <div    style={{ width: "100vw", height: "100vh" }}    onPointerMove={handlePointerMove}    onPointerLeave={handlePointerLeave}  >    Cursor: {JSON.stringify(myPresence.cursor)}  </div>);

If you hover over a preview window, you’ll now see the coordinates of your cursor, taken from myPresence! On the next page we’ll use this to render the cursors.