Sync engine for multiplayer creative tools

Liveblocks Storage is a realtime sync engine designed for multiplayer creative tools such as Figma, Pitch, and Spline.

Works with popular frameworks and libraries

Persisted document data

Data types for concurrent editing

Data types that enable your users to edit documents in realtime. Liveblocks automatically resolves all conflicts for you.


The LiveList data type represents an ordered collection of items that is synchronized across clients.


The LiveObject data type is similar to a JavaScript Object that is synchronized across clients.


The LiveMap data type is similar to a JavaScript Map that is synchronized across clients.

History API

Add undo/redo to your collaborative experience

Integrate the Liveblocks history API to enable undo/redo functionality in your collaborative editor with ease.

Offline support

Optimistic local‑first reads and writes

Let your users work on flaky connections. Their changes get automatically synced when they go back online.


Add realtime presence to your product in minutes

Liveblocks integrates directly with popular frameworks and state‑management libraries, making it easy to add realtime presence to any online experience.

User A
Move your cursor
User B
Move your cursor
import {  useOthers,  useUpdateMyPresence} from "./liveblocks.config";
// Pass this to RoomProviderconst initialPresence = { cursor: { x: 0, y: 0 } };
export default function Presence() { const updateMyPresence = useUpdateMyPresence(); const others = useOthers(); // On client A: [{"cursor":null}] // On client B: [{"cursor":null}]
return ( <div onPointerMove={(event) => { updateMyPresence({ cursor: { x: event.clientX, y: event.clientY, }, }) }} > {{ connectionId, presence }) => { return ( <Cursor key={connectionId} cursor={presence.cursor} /> ) })} </div> )}
A globe
Liveblocks Platform

The all‑in‑one collaboration platform

Liveblocks is the world’s most advanced platform for building, hosting, and scaling collaborative products that work the way they should.

Collaboration infrastructure

WebSocket edge infrastructure and reliable connection engine.

Zero configuration

Scale to millions. No complex configuration required.

Effortless scaling

Built to handle any traffic on your collaborative experiences.

No maintenance required

Spend your time building, not maintaining infrastructure.

A super underrated and unexpected victory with Liveblocks is not maintaining infrastructure. We can just focus on the front end and have the collaboration infrastructure handled by Liveblocks.

Jye LewisJye Lewis, Engineering Manager at Propeller Aero

Inspect your collaborative features

Build collaborative features with confidence using the Liveblocks DevTools browser extension. Visualize how your data structures are resolved as they change over time.

Liveblocks DevTools in dark mode

Add collaboration to your product today