Supercharged Yjs developer experience

Liveblocks Yjs is a realtime sync engine designed for collaborative text editors such as Notion and Google Docs.


Shared data types to edit documents collaboratively.


Lazy load multiple Yjs documents from the root.


Enable your users to work on documents while offline.

Multiplayer undo/redo

Enable your users to undo and redo their changes.

Works with popular open-source text and code editors…

…and frameworks

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Liveblocks Platform

The most advanced platform for Yjs

Liveblocks is the world’s most advanced platform for Yjs. Build, host, and scale your Yjs application with zero configuration, no maintenance required.

Collaboration infrastructure

WebSocket edge infrastructure and reliable connection engine.

Zero configuration

Scale to millions. No complex configuration required.

Effortless scaling

Built to handle any traffic on your collaborative experiences.

No maintenance required

Spend your time building, not maintaining infrastructure.


A centralized hub for Yjs documents

Enable anyone on your team to view, inspect, and manage your stored Yjs documents from the Liveblocks dashboard.


Yjs triggered webhook events

Webhook events are triggered as users edit Yjs documents, enabling you to perform custom actions in your back-end.


Interact with Yjs documents

The Liveblocks REST API enables you to retrieve and update Yjs documents. Ideal for syncing data with your own system.


Inspect your Yjs‑powered features

Build collaborative features with confidence using the Liveblocks DevTools browser extension. Visualize how your data structures are resolved as they change over time.

Liveblocks DevTools in dark mode

Add collaboration to your product today