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Liveblocks Storage

Sync engine for creative tools

Liveblocks Storage is a realtime sync engine designed for multiplayer creative tools such as Figma, Pitch, and Spline.

import { LiveObject } from "@liveblocks/client";import { useStorage, useMutation } from "./liveblocks.config";
// Pass these to RoomProviderconst initialStorage = { scientist: new LiveObject({ firstName: "Ada", lastName: "Lovelace", }),};
export default function Form() { const scientist = useStorage(root => root.scientist);
const update = useMutation(({ storage }, field, value) => { storage.get('scientist').set(field, value); }, []);
return ( <> <input value={scientist.firstName} onChange={(e) => { update("firstName", e.target.value) } /> <input value={scientist.lastName} onChange={(e) => { update("lastName", e.target.value) } /> </> );}
Liveblocks Yjs

Sync engine for text editors

Liveblocks Yjs is a realtime sync engine designed for collaborative text editors such as Notion and Google Docs.

import * as Y from "yjs";import { createClient } from "@liveblocks/client";import LiveblocksProvider from "@liveblocks/yjs";
const client = createClient({ publicApiKey: "pk_prod_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",});
const { room, leave } = client.enterRoom("your-room-id", { initialPresence: {},});
// Create Yjs document and providerconst yDoc = new Y.Doc();const yProvider = new LiveblocksProvider(room, yDoc);
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