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Liveblocks Yjs

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Liveblocks Yjs is a realtime sync engine designed for collaborative text editors such as Notion and Google Docs.

import { createClient } from "@liveblocks/client";import LiveblocksProvider from "@liveblocks/yjs";import * as Y from "yjs";
const client = createClient({ publicApiKey: "pk_prod_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",});
const room = client.enter("your-room-id", { initialPresence: {} });const doc = new Y.Doc();
const provider = new LiveblocksProvider(room, doc);
function TiptapEditor({ doc, provider }: EditorProps) { const editor = useEditor({ extensions: [ StarterKit.configure({ // The Collaboration extension comes with its own history handling history: false, }), // Register the document with Tiptap Collaboration.configure({ document: doc, }), CollaborationCursor.configure({ provider: provider, }), ], }) return <EditorContent editor={editor} />}

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