Week 24

Week 24


This major release marks the maturity of Liveblocks. It contains new products (@liveblocks/react-lexical) and clarifications (e.g. @liveblocks/react-comments is now called @liveblocks/react-ui). t Also, we bring major DX improvements by allowing you to specify your types globally now. These types will be typed once and shared across all Liveblocks APIs, which includes your Node backend.

// ❌ Beforeexport const {  suspense: {    RoomProvider,    useRoom,    // etc  },} = createRoomContext<Presence, Storage>(client);
// ✅ Afterdeclare global { interface Liveblocks { Presence: Presence; Storage: Storage; }}

In @liveblocks/react, you can now import hooks directly:

// ❌ Before: get hooks exported from your Liveblocks configimport { RoomProvider, useRoom, ... } from "./liveblocks.config";
// ✅ After: import hooks directlyimport { RoomProvider, useRoom, ... } from "@liveblocks/react";import { RoomProvider, useRoom, ... } from "@liveblocks/react/suspense";
// ❌ Beforeconst client = createClient(/* options */);
// ✅ After<LiveblocksProvider /* options */> <App /></LiveblocksProvider>

For full upgrade instructions and codemods, see the 2.0 upgrade guide.


  • Update config generation for Liveblocks 2.0.
  • Add --upgrade flag to automatically update all Liveblocks package to their latest version.


  • DX improvements: type once, globally, benefit everywhere


  • DX improvement: import hooks directly
  • DX improvement: <ClientSideSuspense> no longer needs a function as its children
  • New provider: LiveblocksProvider (replaces the need for createClient)
  • New hook: useClient
  • Tweak useMutation error message to be less confusing.
  • Allow thread and activity metadata types to contain undefined values.


  • Rename from @liveblocks/react-comments.
  • Rename <CommentsConfig /> to <LiveblocksUIConfig />.
  • Improve InboxNotification props types.


  • Initial release.


  • Initial release.


  • LiveblocksProvider is no longer a default export, it’s now import { LiveblocksYjsProvider } from "@liveblocks/yjs".


  • DX improvements: all Node client methods will pick up the same global types you’re using in your frontend
  • Rename RoomInfo to RoomData.
  • The webhook event NotificationEvent’s type can represent multiple kinds of notifications. ("thread", "textMention", and custom ones (e.g. "$myNotification"))


  • Initial release.




  • Added new example: nextjs-lexical
  • Upgraded and adjusted all examples to 2.0


  • Webhooks are now available to everyone.


  • Show Lexical information in rooms that use the new Lexical plugin.


Contributors include:adigauctnicholasflowflorentguillaumesallesjrownymarcbouchenoirenimeshnayajunvieofoucherotpierrelevaillantstevenfabre

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